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Frequently Asked Questions

Included within your rent is Gas, Electricity, Water and super-fast WiFi.  As students, you are exempt from paying Council Tax.  The only bill you will have to pay, as a collective group, is your TV licence.

The mobile telephone number that is listed on this website is the same number that my children and elderly parents have – I will always pick up, whether it is office hours or not.

Prior to your arrival, I will set up a house group chat on WhatsApp – all communication will come through this, so that you are always kept fully informed.  E.g., should you have dates of exams that you would like us to be mindful of, pop me a message – both myself and the rest of the house are then aware.

Yes. We provide each of our tenants with their own contract.  Therefore, in the event of one of your housemates having a change in circumstances – you are not affected.

No. We pride ourselves on our relationship with our students, whilst also being mindful that students have little disposable income. A deposit serves to protect the property in the unfortunate event of damage. If some damage should occur, we ask that you let us know straight away and we will make sure that it is repaired immediately – these are our own properties and therefore we have a vested interest to keep them in a good state of repair. We also pride ourselves in being reasonable and understand that accidents happen. On the rare occasion when things have to be repaired, Jon generally carries out the work and so any cost is kept to an absolute minimum.

Absolutely. The house will be your home and it is important that you treat it as such.

We have just two :

No blue tac on the walls please – this leaves a residue on the paint that is almost impossible to paint over – we would rather you put posters etc up with pins.

Do not dry wet washing in your bedroom – use the clothes airer provided and spread around communal areas where the air flows better, to avoid condensation spots.

You simply send me a message on the WhatsApp group. No matter where I am, I will let Jon know. Jon will then visit the house, the same day or if not the next. If he cannot fix the problem himself, we have a whole team of reliable contractors that we will call on.

This is our favourite day. During the summer months, when the houses are empty, all our properties have a re-vamp. They are painted and cleaned to an extremely high standard.  Furniture and carpets are replaced where necessary.  


We particularly like it if we can meet you at the house, with your parents.  As a mum, I like to reassure parents that their child will be well looked after – this is, after all, a huge step in your journey to adulthood.

We are living in quite an uncertain world at the moment and we understand that circumstances change. Whilst, once you have signed your tenancy agreement, you have entered into a legally binding contract; we do like to be flexible and understanding where possible.  Communication is key – talk to us.  We are nice people, who are solution focused; we will always find a solution together.

Yes. This is an additional service that we provide, free of charge. We ask that you box up your items and label them with your name and we will store them safely in your room, awaiting your arrival in September.

No. As a student, you are exempt from paying Council Tax.

48 weeks

As students, it is usually more beneficial for both of us if you pay your rent termly.
Here is an example of a rent calculation for you:

You rent a room at £90 per week.  90 x 48 = £4320
Divide this by 11 equal monthly instalments = £392 per month.

Termly payments therefore
September, October, November and December – £1568
January, February, March and April – £1568
May, June and July – £1176

This is your home and it is important that you treat it as such, so of course yes. However, please remain mindful that you are sharing the house with others and make sure that the rest of your housemates are happy.

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