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36 Derry avenue is an excellent house to rent, with large rooms and a very good price for its location only a minute walk from the Uni. Lots of space in the kitchen and living room. It is always easy to find parking on the road and is only a couple minutes walk away from the train station. Jon and Hayley have been great and sorted the few minor things that needed doing promptly.  5 stars out of 5.


It’s been 5 months now since I moved here.  I feel at home of this house because you’re very accommodating landlady and you always made sure to respond promptly to problems at the house and provided the best services. I’m so comfortable, and we can’t thank you enough.

“Emily has now vacated her room and left it (I think!) in the lovely clean tidy state it was when she moved in a couple of years ago.  Thank you for looking after her and making sure the last two years have run smoothly for her”

“I just wanted to say thank you to you and Jon for being such kind people to me whilst I stayed in your house.  I have left the room clean and tidy and left the keys in t he door.”

“Hi Hayley, thank you so much for all the help you have given me over the past two years and thank you for your understanding when things have been difficult for me, I promise to keep in touch.”

“Hi… thanks for everything”.  Reply – “okey dokey, hope we made his last year a little better”.  Parent’s reply “Yes thanks Jon, it helped a lot”.

“Dear Jon and Hayley, Thanks for your hospitality over the past year – you have been fantastic landlords and I’m sad to be leaving you.  All the best Emma”

“I have left my keys in the door for you Jon – thanks for being a great landlord – Martyn – Beechwood Avenue”

“thanks for all that you did for us at 32 Southern Terrace.”

“Dear whom it may concern, we are writing to inform you about our landlord Mr Jon Lee. We have lived in his houses for two years in two different properties of his, both of which have been impeccable condition from the start of our contract.  This included everywhere newly painted, new carpets fitted throughout and everything that we needed was provided and more. Having lived in other properties owned by different landlords, we realise that Jon not only provides us with a great house but with a service which you cannot fault” 

“Hi Jon, just wanted to say thank you so much really appreciate your time and support over the last couple of years” – Emily Furzehill Road

The house as a whole is extremely cosy and warm, with a perfect amount of space for four people to live in comfortably. The kitchen is extremely spacious, easily enough room for at least two people to make food at a time without getting in each other’s way, along with a connected dining area with a table. There is a separate living room with a large TV which is lovely to have a night in with roommates and other friends. Living in room 3 for a while I can say that is the perfect size for comfortable living, with a huge window that is nice to get natural light in during the day, and as far as I am aware from hanging out with my roommates all of the other rooms are a nice size especially considering the price. The house is in a great location, I leave the house 2 minutes before lectures and always get to the uni on time.

Hayley and Jon are kind, understanding and fast responding landlords who are always happy to help. For example, last year in November, our shower head was giving us problems, so we reached out to Hayley, who replied almost instantly and the within 2 days a brand-new shower head was fitted which has worked perfectly since then.

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